Welcome to Defund CT Police. We’re a group of abolitionist activists who have put together a lobbying resource for this month’s special session of the Connecticut Legislature focused on police accountability. The main bill under review for this session is LCO #3471, now H.B. 6004: An Act Concerning Police Accountability. This bill is packed with a wide variety of provisions, some of which are good, some of which are bad, and some which need amendments. However, the bill passed the House on July 24th, after a debate that lasted overnight in which mostly Republicans attempted to amend it to strip it of its strongest feature: limiting qualified immunity for police. The bill will now go to the Senate, where it will be voted on in its current form. In other words, no more amendments can be made to it without killing the whole bill. As abolitionists, we support this bill as a first step toward police accountability and recognize that it is imperfect. It will even result in more funding to the police for the purchase of body cams, dash cams, and data storage. Yet, limiting qualified immunity for police in Connecticut is a tradeoff we support, and thus we encourage you to call your state senators and urge them to vote yes on this bill.

What can you do right now?

Call or email your state senator and use this script:

Hi, thank you for taking my call/message. My name is [enter name] and I’m a resident of [enter town and/or district].

I’m calling to tell you that I support the police accountability bill. While I recognize this bill is only a first step toward addressing the crisis of racist and violent policing in Connecticut, and that these are topics that need to be revisited in the next legislative session, I urge you to vote Yes on this bill. Section 41, which places limitations on qualified immunity, is especially critical to pass. Police need to be held accountable, and that CANNOT be done without limiting qualified immunity. Police unions are lobbying against this provision, claiming it will result in frivolous lawsuits. The language of the bill protects against “frivolous” lawsuits, and also provides a financial incentive to municipalities to get rid of violent and racist police officers. This bill is only a start, and in the next legislative session we want to see you and other legislators focus on beginning the process of divesting from policing so that we can reinvest that money in our communities for education, health, housing, social services, and environmental justice.

Can I count on you to support this police accountability bill, and to support future bills focused on divesting from policing so that we can reinvest in our communities?

Thank you.

Click the blue button below to find your senators contact info.

The list of legislators below are those who supported the Juneteenth Agenda proposed by Senate Democrats, are House or Senate majority or minority leaders, and/or were the main drafters of this bill. We assigned them a lobbying score based on whether they’re being primaried on August 11th, whether they are in a contested election for their seat in November, whether they’ve expressed support for BLM, defunding the police, or police reform, and whether they serve on committees that deal with issues involved in this bill.

Our list is not exhaustive. If you don’t see your legislator on the list, it’s still worthwhile to contact them to let you know why you don’t support this bill in its current form. See the script above!

SENATORS (Party – Senate District)

  • Abram, Mary D. (D-13)
  • Anwar, Saud (D-3)
  • Bradley, Dennis (D-23)
  • Cassona, Steve (D-4)
  • Cohen, Christine (D-12)
  • Duff, Bob (D-25)
  • Fasano, Leonard A. (R-34)
  • Flexer, Mae (D-29)
  • Fonfara, John (D-1)
  • Hartley, Joan (D-15)
  • Haskell, Will (D-26)
  • Kasser, Alex (D-36)
  • Kissel, John (R-7)
  • Kushner, Julie (D-24)
  • Leone, Carlo (D-27)
  • Lesser, Matt (D-9)
  • Looney, Martin M. (D-11)
  • Maroney, James (D-14)
  • McCrory, Doug (D-2)
  • Needleman, Norm (D-33)
  • Osten, Cathy (D-19)
  • Slap, Derek (D-5)
  • Winfield, Gary (D-10)

REPRESENTATIVES (Party – House District)

  • Aresimowicz, Joe (D-30)
  • Arnone, Tom (D-58)
  • Blumenthal, Matt (D-147)
  • Candelaria, Juan (D-95)
  • D’Agostino, Michael (D-91)
  • Dillon, Pat (D-92)
  • DiMassa, Michael A. (D-116)
  • Elliott, Josh (D-88)
  • Gibson, Bobby (D-15)
  • Godfrey, Bob (D-110)
  • Gonzalez, Minnie (D-3)
  • Gucker, Kenneth (D-138)
  • Haddad, Gregg (D-54)
  • Hall, Joshua M (D-7)
  • Hennessy, Jack (D-127)
  • Hughes, Anne (D-135)
  • Johnson, Susan (D-49)
  • Klarides, Themis (R-114)
  • Lemar, Roland (D-96)
  • Lopes, Rick (D-24)
  • McGee, Brandon (D-5)
  • Michel, David (D-146)
  • Morin, Russ (D-28)
  • Mushinsky, Mary (D-85)
  • Nolan, Anthony (D-39)
  • Palm, Christine (D-36)
  • Paolillo, Al (D-97)
  • Perone, Chris (D-137)
  • Pheanious, Pat W. (D-53)
  • Phipps, Quentin (D-100)
  • Porter, Robyn A. (D-94)
  • Rebimbas, Rosa (R-70)
  • Reyes, Geraldo (D-75)
  • Riley, Emmett (D-46)
  • Ritter, Matthew D. (D-1)
  • Rochelle, Kara (D-104)
  • Rosario, Christopher (D-128)
  • Rose, Kim (D-118)
  • Ryan, Kevin (D-139)
  • Sanchez, Bobby (D-25)
  • Stafstrom, Steven (D-129)
  • Tercyak, Peter (D-26)
  • Turco, Gary (D-27)
  • Vargas Jr., Edwin (D-6)
  • Walker, Toni (D-93)
  • Winkler, Mike (D-53)
  • Young, Phil (D-120)