CT Legislation

Learn about the main bill under review for this July 2020 special session: LCO #3471, An Act Concerning Police Accountability. Below you’ll find links to content that makes the dense bill more accessible and digestible.

Police Accountability Bill Walk Through

Watch as ACLU Connecticut provides a thorough breakdown of each section of LCO #3471 while organizer take notes.

OLR Analysis

Read a breakdown of each section and suggestions for improvement based on analysis by the Office of Legislative Research – Objective Research for Connecticut’s Legislature.

Testimony Regarding LCO #3471

Read this testimony to the Judiciary Committee (drafters of the bill) written by the ACLU Connecticut public policy and advocacy director.

Download the Juneteenth Agenda!

Want to submit testimony on the bill?

Voting is essential and most of your legistators are up for re-election this year!

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